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We give Online Pregnancy Coach Services to all first-time moms, expectant moms on their second baby, and even companions or family to help the Mother to be in the family!

Online Pregnancy CoachingOnline Pregnancy Coaches teaching across the nation!

Arrangements for birth is a blended pack of feelings around vulnerabilities, choices, bits of knowledge, basic learning, objectives, fears, stress, support, and surrendering. We look at ways to deal with it all and empower work and open measures amid the pregnancy. Regardless, the talks are considerably more detailed than this. They’re enlightening, fascinating and science-based. We ensure that informed decisions are made all through the pregnancy and birth, that the whole family feels engaged with the mentorship of the virtual pregnancy coach and that the birthing woman advocates for herself the whole course through.

Virtual Pregnancy Coach SessionsPregnancy Coaches Online

Our online pregnancy coach meetings on birth training will contain planning, week after week or every day subsequent online meet-ups, arranging of the distinctive phases of pregnancy, sharing bits of knowledge, and helping sort out decisions and contemplations without bias. We know that family and our companions and even the Internet have an extensive variety of answers. In any case, we prioritize pregnant women’s needs and we prescribe talking with an empowered and experienced online pregnancy coach or pregnancy mentor amid the entire pregnancy and even a while later.


Our virtual birth doula benefits usually include:

Plan your Pregnancy with Honest Birth Talk

The organizers of Honest Birth Talk CRYSTAL and MICHAELA are well-versed online pregnancy coaches and mothers with a unique birth and baby raising background. We will empower families to nurture the best environment for their baby. We have seen such a substantial number of families hand over their independence and power in the midst of the birth year and that kind of surrender of sureness passes on into parenthood.  We will give you the courage to be confident with your child rearing by being your personal online pregnancy coach!

We guide and empower families to ask the right processes, to trust in their nature, and to shed the fault and judgment pushed on them by society. Trust in parenthood starts in the midst of pregnancy and birth.

Plan ahead with our Professional Virtual Doulas

Honest Birth Talk Virtual DoulaAt Honest Birth Talk, we will support your whole pregnancy stages from the early trimester and until your underlying couple of months with the newborn child!

Capable online pregnancy coaches at Honest Birth Talk will be in reach via your mobile phone for your ease. We are certified birth guides/doulas and are in like manner mothers ourselves. We will consider you and your infant just as if it were our own.

We ensure quality coaching and mentoring to empower you and your infant to be strong and ready for birth paying little heed to any problems in the future.

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